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Gem Cut Studio is free to evaluate for 30 days. Create, optimize, save, and print your designs without restrictions.

After 30 days, you will need to purchase a licence key to continue using the software.

Latest version is 1.1.0 (December 2019)

What’s new:
– Added support for custom index gears
– Added support for Datavue
– Added support for arbitrary indexes (removes the “couldn’t detect symmetry” message)
– Added “recents” list in file browser
– Added mouse wheel support for depth/angle sliders
– Added visual cue for frosted facets in Design view
– Added visual cue for Preform and Frosted facets in Instructions view tier menu
– Added option to reverse index values (no support for inverting CW/CCW winding yet)
– Added scaling along X-Y (with index rounding)
– Added split index rotation
– Added custom animation recorder
– Added single image save feature

– Added T/W and U/W metrics to Modern printout and Yield calculator
– Added DXF format export
– Added multi-touch zoom to Design view for touchscreen computers
– Software now displays cut name as well as file name if there is room
– Speed improvements to raytrace renderer.
Bug fixes
– Inverted L and W axis in preform
– Fixed CTRL-ALT key errors for German and Swiss keyboards
– Changed Mac version to use native file “Save” interfaces
– Fixed preform attribute being lost when editing tiers
– Fixed facet frosting being lost when editing tiers
– Fixed initial cube incorrect index associations (cutting away index 96 would leave 96 and remove 48)
– Changed editable fields to accept empty values rather than auto-fill with defaults.
– Respect angle display precision preference on T/R angles
– Fixed issue when changing index gears mid-cut
– Fixed many bugs with ASC file loading
– Fixed latent crash bug when attempting to load corrupt GEM files
– Fixed an issue when attempting to add meetpoint at the jump point (meet highlight was not visible)
– Fixed issue with limited mirror range when editing tiers
– Fixed Table tier showing facet index in printout
– Improved handling of designs with “holes”
– Fixed many small visual bugs